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23 Public performance, The Spooky Show, featuring music by Killer Filler, The ArtsCenter, Carrboro (8 pm). Buy tickets!

The Spooky Show, Transactors’ annual improvised tribute to horror, suspense, sci-fi, and the just plain weird, returns to The ArtsCenter stage Oct. 23. Featuring a live soundtrack by instrumental rockers Killer Filler, the show is made up of five distinct episodes, each dedicated to a spooky sub-genre.

The Spooky Show both pays homage to and spoofs film and television styles and themes, ranging from classic black-and-white movies through Alfred Hitchcock and The Twilight Zone to current approaches.

The entire performance is scored by Killer Filler, the instrumental surf/rock/soul band from Hillsborough that has been delighting fans since 2004. This is the fifth collaboration between Killer Filler and Transactors, which has also included Surf Christmas.

“Exploring spooky genres isn’t typical fare for improv and that makes it both challenging and fun,” says director Greg Hohn. “We don’t play it just for laughs. I’ve gotten goose bumps in some of the scenes we’ve done and surprised audience members have come up to us after our spooky shows and told us they were really creeped out! We’ll take that as a compliment.”

The cast for The Spooky Show includes Anoo Brod, Greg Hohn, Bart Hubbard, Juliet Kaplan, Steve Scott, and Jane Allen Wilson. Mike Beard handles lighting and sound effects.

The Killer Filler lineup is Crispy Bess (keyboard and guitar), Bryon Settle (guitar), Greg Bowers (guitar), Steve Eisenstadt (bass), and Paco Robles (drums).

31 Public performance, Transactors Improv: For Families!, Common Ground Theatre, Durham (1 pm). Buy tickets!

It's a special Halloween version of Transactors Improv: For Families! We will explore all things delightfully spooky, magical, and scaaaary. This show is completely improvised and based on YOUR suggestions! Come dressed in a costume and you might get called up on stage to join us for a scene!

The cast for this Halloween show includes director Anoo Brod, Juliet Kaplan, and Jane Allen Wilson.


21 Public performance, Transactors Improv: For Families!, The ArtsCenter, Carrboro (6 pm). Buy tickets!

"Thank you, Earth" is the theme for this family show. Birds, bees, pets, flowers, trees; there's so much on our beautiful planet to be thankful for and we'll explore them and more in our pre-Thanksgiving, fully improvised, made up on the spot, based-on-your-suggestions show!

The cast includes director Anoo Brod, Bart Hubbard, and Juliet Kaplan.


4 Public performance, Holiday in Rio, featuring music by Brazilian jazz quartet Onda, The ArtsCenter, Carrboro (8 pm). Buy tickets!

It's a holiday show about escaping the holidays! Follow several characters as they flee winter and traditional celebrations for warmth and adventure in Rio de Janeiro. What are they running from and what will they run into? This show is based on audience suggestions and set to the bossa nova soundtrack of Onda.

“This show was inspired by a couple of things,” explains director Greg Hohn. “I heard Onda playing this summer and found their music to be so wonderfully performed and evocative that I immediately wanted to find an opportunity for Transactors to collaborate with them.

“Then I remembered that last year we Transactors were discussing what we loved about Christmas and winter and one of us mentioned hating it and wanting to get away. So pair that with wanting to work with Onda and voila! After all, most of us could use a little balminess in December anyway, right?”

Although it’s improvised, this performance will seem much more like a play than a series of games or sketches. Transactors first began working in this style, called long form, in 1995 and the company prides itself on its storytelling and theatrical aesthetic.

Onda (the Portuguese word for “wave”) creates a distinctive sound playing arrangements of songs which are rarely performed elsewhere. Formed in April 2014, Onda brings together experienced musicians who share a passion for both Brazilian jazz and musical exploration. The quartet features Stephen Coffman (vibraphone), Nelson Johns (guitar), Eric Meyer (upright bass), and Ana Mitchell (percussion). Listen to Onda!

15 Corporate performance, Cary (6:30 pm).

31 Public performance, First Night Raleigh, Fletcher Opera Theater, Duke Energy Center, (times TBA). More info