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5 Public performance, Oscar Night, Common Ground Theatre, Durham (8 p.m.). Buy tickets!

Come see Transactors spoof the Academy Awards, complete with walking the red carpet, celebrity interviews, and competition for awards.

But the Oscars aren't the only thing on imaginary TV this night; Transactors will channel surf as well and you may find yourself suddenly watching ESPN, Lifetime, or a reality show! It's just like watching the Oscars on TV, only it's live, all made up on the spot, and doesn't last six hours!

Anoo Brod and Juliet Kaplan co-direct the show and are joined in the cast by Bart Hubbard, Steve Scott, Jane Allen Wilson, and guest Deb Aronin.

19 Public performance, Transactors Improv: For Families!, The ArtsCenter, Carrboro (6 pm). Buy tickets!

March Madness is the theme as we get sporty! (Well, in an improv kind of way at least.) We'll explore aspects of sports like competition, winning and losing, and being a team player, along with many other things you may love--or hate--about sports.

The cast includes director Anoo Brod, Bart Hubbard, and Steve Scott.

"The hour seemed to fly by because it was such a laid back, silly time. There were kids and adults of all ages there, and I heard everyone laughing, so it's a great event..."
-Stir Crazy Moms of Durham


30 Public performance, City Life, The ArtsCenter, Carrboro (8 pm). Buy tickets!

Transactors Improv wraps up its main-stage season with City Life, a show about thriving and surviving in a major urban area. Featuring improvised songs, the two-act performance is based on audience suggestions and divided into five slice-of-life episodes.

Over the years we Transactors have done lots of shows about small-town life but this is our first that focuses on the challenges and rewards of the big city. Strange and wonderful things happen to people when you cram a lot of them into a relatively small space.

Of course we’ve done a lot of improvised music over the years and this show gives us a chance to continue the work we pioneered in this region. We’re very fortunate to have pianist Glenn Mehrbach as our accompanist.

The company welcomes longtime member Steven Warnock (2001-14) back into the fold for City Life. He is joined in the cast by Anoo Brod, director Greg Hohn, Juliet Kaplan, Bart Hubbard, Steve Scott, and Jane Allen Wilson. Mike Beard is in charge of lights and sound.


21 Public performance, Transactors Improv: For Families!, The ArtsCenter, Carrboro (6 pm). Buy tickets!