10 Public performance, Transactors Improv: For Families!, The ArtsCenter, Carrboro (6 pm). Buy tickets!

“Choose Your Adventure” is the theme. Turn right to play with the dinosaurs or turn left to explore a haunted mansion. Well explore all things adventure as we travel anywhere your imagination—and suggestions—can take us!

The cast includes director Anoo Brod, Juliet Kaplan, and Steve Scott.

23 Public performance, The Wizard of Odds, Common Ground Theatre, Durham (8 pm). Buy tickets!

Almost all of us are familiar with The Wizard of Oz, a tale in which four travelers seek things they’ve had all along. In this spin on the concept, the wizard is a therapist visited by individuals looking for what’s missing in their lives. Maybe these characters already have what they’re seeking, maybe they don’t need it, or maybe something utterly unexpected will happen.

Based on audience suggestions, this performance is made up on the spot by the south’s longest-running improv theater as it begins its 34th season.

Special guest Deb Aronin joins company regulars Anoo Brod, director Greg Hohn, Bart Hubbard, Juliet Kaplan, Steve Scott, and Steven Warnock in the cast.


22 Public performance, The Scary Show, featuring Killer Filler, The ArtsCenter, Carrboro (8 pm). Buy tickets!

The Scary Show, Transactors’ annual improvised tribute to horror, suspense, sci-fi, and the just plain weird, returns to The ArtsCenter stage. Featuring a live soundtrack by instrumental rockers Killer Filler, the show is made up of five distinct episodes, each dedicated to a spooky sub-genre.

The Scary Show both pays homage to and spoofs film and television styles and themes, ranging from classic black-and-white movies through Alfred Hitchcock and The Twilight Zone to current approaches.

The entire performance is scored by Killer Filler, the instrumental surf/rock/soul band from Hillsborough that has been delighting fans since 2004.

“Exploring spooky genres isn’t typical fare for improv and that makes it both challenging and fun,” says director Greg Hohn. “We don’t play it just for laughs. I’ve gotten goose bumps in some of the scenes we’ve done and surprised audience members have come up to us after our spooky shows and told us they were really creeped out! We’ll take that as a compliment.”

The cast for The Scary Show includes guest Jeffrey Moore along with company regulars Anoo Brod, Greg Hohn, Bart Hubbard, Juliet Kaplan, Steve Scott, Steven Warnock, and Jane Allen Wilson. Jenn Evans handles technical effects.

The Killer Filler lineup is Crispy Bess (keyboard and guitar), Bryon Settle (guitar), Greg Bowers (guitar), and Steve Eisenstadt (bass).

29 Public performance, Transactors Halloween Improv: For Families!, Common Ground Theatre, Durham (2 pm). Buy tickets!

It's a special Halloween version of Transactors Improv: For Families! We will explore all things delightfully spooky, magical, and scaaaary. This show is completely improvised and based on YOUR suggestions! Come dressed in a costume and you might get called up on stage for a scene!

The cast for this Halloween show includes director Anoo Tree Brod, Bart Hubbard and Juliet Kaplan.


10 Public performance, Transactors Improv: For Families!, The ArtsCenter, Carrboro (6 pm). Buy tickets!

23 Public performance, Ray's Diner, Common Ground Theatre, Durham (8 pm). Buy tickets!

Ray's Diner sits on a two-lane highway just outside a small southern town. A few years after the diner opened in 1972, an Interstate highway bypassed the town. Yet Ray's persists, a haven for hungry souls: regulars and random passersby, truckers and drifters, businesspeople and families on vacation. You never know who'll wander into Ray's.

Transactors Improv serves up Ray's Diner, a long-form spontaneous theater piece conceived and directed by Steven Warnock. Joining Warnock in the cast are Anoo Tree Brod, Bart Hubbard, Greg Hohn, Juliet Kaplan, Steve Scott, and Jane Allen Wilson.